During the first phase of #TalkJustice we discovered that the complex issues revealed by people’s stories are often too much for a single department or organization to tackle alone. The need for a larger, system-wide project became clear. 

Story Gathering 


Through the SHARE YOUR STORY feature on our website, anyone with a story about the justice system in Nova Scotia can become a part of the larger conversation on access to justice. The survey takes 15-20 minutes and asks the user questions about how their experience shaped their perceptions of justice. People can use the survey as many times as they like, to tell as many different stories as they want to. SenseMaker™ Explorer is a process that collects the quantitative data needed to change the way the justice system engages the public, evaluates its effectiveness and designs solutions to identified problems.


The analytical tool  makes extensive use of visualization to help us see patterns and anomalies. This information can then be disseminated to the public which maintains a consistent feedback loop between the stories that people are sharing and the public. Reports produced from the contain no personal identifying information and the analysis ensures demographic information is aggregated should there be any risk of inadvertent disclosure. 

The project data reveals the nature of people’s experiences within the justice system: what does a positive experience look like? What does a negative experience look like? It also tells us about complexities: we often think of the work of our respective departments and organizations as being siloed from each other. 

SenseMaking Sessions

The focus of these events is on reinforcing the collaborative nature of #TalkJustice: the idea that if everyone contributes to a central database of justice system experiences, we can reshape the justice system based on those experiences together. This involves work-shopping the data that we receive from the SenseMaker™ survey and facilitating lively discussions with the goal of analyzing the data collectively, making meaning of the information and strategizing solutions for change. 

SenseMaker™ Data

Data Bulletin #1 Fall 2017

Data Bulletin #2 Fall 2017

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