Informing Law Reform


New Partnership

In 2018 #TalkJustice was moved from the Nova Scotia Barristers Society and the Access to Justice Coordinating Committee (A2JCC), to the Law Reform Commission, newly named the Access to Justice & Law Reform Institute of Nova Scotia. The Institute makes recommendations for the reform of law and the administration of justice in Nova Scotia. The project is being overseen by the Access to Justice Coordinator with Jane Willwerth of the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society and community partners. 

Law Reform 

The Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia was created in 1991 by the Government of Nova Scotia. The law which created the Commission is the Law Reform Commission Act, S.N.S. 1990, c. 17. The Commission is an independent advisor to the Government and is not a government department. The independence of the Commission enables it to make recommendations for law reform in a non-partisan manner. The Commission reports to the public and elected representatives of Nova Scotia, through the Minister of Justice and Attorney General for Nova Scotia. The former Commission, now the Access to Justice and Law Reform Institute of Nova Scotia is currently reviewing the Intestate Succession Act-- stay tuned for more information about this project. 

Informing the Work of Law Reform

#TalkJustice is focused on bringing the voices of the public to the center of law reform in Nova Scotia. The Justice & Law Reform Institute is modernizing by responding more collaboratively to the feedback of the public in its work moving forward. This new relationship is positioned to ensure that the experiences that the public are sharing, are motivating the work of law reform. 

Access to Justice Law Reform Project

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