What is Talk Justice?

Talk Justice is building a public conversation on the Justice System in Nova Scotia through community engagement, consultation and online research software. As we listen to the stories and experiences of the people, we are building a central database of experiences that can be used as a basis for considering change. We want to know what's working well and what we could be doing better, and we want to create space for meaningful dialogue that leads to improvements in peoples' experiences of justice.

Who is behind Talk Justice?

Talk Justice is an initative of the Access to Justice Coordinating Committee. In 2018, it was moved to the Justice & Law Reform Institute of Nova Scotia, an organization focusing on access to justice and law reform in Nova Scotia.

What happens when I share my story?

Your anonymous answers to the questionnaire will be entered into SenseMakerTM research software. This software gathers all of the stories that have been submitted and identifies patterns. This research “puts the public first” in that participants tell stories in their own words, while the software provides the tools to explore the story’s meaning and create quantitative data required to inform system-level change.

The stories and accompanying data are housed on a secure server located in Nova Scotia and is accessible only to the project team.

Is my story truly anonymous?

Yes. We never ask for your name and we do not log your IP address or any other identifier. We also ask that you refrain from identifying others in your story. The goal of Talk Justice is not to root out individual wrongdoing, but rather to patterns underlying Nova Scotians’ experiences.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

We invite you to share an experience that you or someone else has had with the Justice System in Nova Scotia. It can be any experience, either positive or negative, that has impacted you in some way. You can use the SenseMaker program to tell as many stories as you like, and we encourage you to use it often. When we can begin to understand peoples' experiences, we are better positioned to improve those experiences.

What is SenseMaker?

SenseMaker* research software gathers stories and presents them in a way that reveals patterns and relationships in the stories that people share. It’s research that “puts the public first”: participants tell stories in their own words, and SenseMaker* provides them with tools to explain their story’s meaning. SenseMaker will take these stories and experiences, using them to create the quantitative data required to inform system-level change.

How can my organization use Talk Justice data?

If you think your organization’s work could benefit from the information gathered through Talk Justice, please fill out our contact form.

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