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There are many ways to talk about justice. Here we share and celebrate the creativity of Nova Scotians as they explore what justice means to them through visual, auditory or performing artifacts 

perceived justice

by. matt bonn

Everyone always says they would want justice for their friends and family, but do we know what justice is really?


Do we know how and why it works? Do we seek it because we think it will stop the pain and the hurt? If someone we know is murdered, it’s not going to bring them back once they’re in the dirt. We must keep their memory alive from all the times we remember of them from the day of their birth till that sad day we buried them in the earth.


What if they locked someone away for life and it was the wrong person? For being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and for having tattoos on they’re face and just happen to be the wrong race, this happens all the time!


How would we feel then? The way that things happen in justice, it’s not if it will happen, it’s when it will happen. The men and woman locked away because of how they look and where they are from.


Things are done the wrong way every single day, you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, yet they overcharge you, so you can’t get bail, and treat you like an animal rotting away in jail.


We need to speak up to make a change, justice used to be people getting hanged now they’re locked away on a range. Being institutionalized for someone else’s financial gain. Isn’t that deranged?


We need to talk about this idea we perceive as justice and get a fair truth of what goes on behind the scenes, so the public gets a feeling of what it’s like behind the scenes, not what its like on the movie screen.


Everyone deserves to be treated as equal, it’s only right! Please speak up so we can start the good fight and for once give these prisoners some of the positive spotlight. We need to have a civilian oversight for the people in desperate need. To fix a broken system that was created with greed. Talk justice and follow that lead!


By Matthew Bonn



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